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About us

Blacksire, a Digital Solutions Company

In an increasingly digitized world, human interaction is becoming a winning strategy – providing a dynamic social experience and establishing an additional level of security. Just as for online operators, it is important to be able to meet the physical store different needs. Some, like branded brand or company, want a supreme customized website portal and website. A slightly simpler version, and a gateway to an online presence, is our new provided services, launched during the year. The product erases the boundaries between physical and online by allowing users from both worlds to consume the services together. For any services or products, it is simple math: increased revenue at the same operating costs, and the opportunity to strengthen loyalty with key customers.

Blacksire conveys a cohesive and API driven business solutions suite including a market powerful one-stop hub content aggregator and integration platform, a cross-services structure, an utterly manage portal and data information services, an autonomous payment processing platform, and a multi-brand partner/operator management system.


To offer the services required by clients, the Blacksire products team up as a perfect platform or stand-alone product that can be efficiently integrated with existing platforms to collaborative various form of clients from ecommerce to F&B and bookmarker, from existing immense operations to newcomers.

What We Do

Such as Game & Software Development, Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps Development, Graphics design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Its comprehensive range of ICT solutions acquired the attention of business organizations.


The growing dominance of internet over the past decades has created an immense opportunity for businesses bigger than the physical marketplace. The presence of a business online requires comprehensive attention from designing a website or software to its optimization.


No.1 leading  BPO in Asia


Make our customer WOW in our service.

Core Values
  • Positive

Positive attitude towards clients & colleagues

Be creative to attract business

  • Creativity

  • Willing to learn & teach

Hungry for knowledge and generous in knowledge sharing

  • Grateful & Thankful (Integrity)

Practice honesty, moral and be grateful & thankful for what you have

Be passion, commit, responsible, efficient and discipline at work.Be the CREDIT of the company!

  • Passion (*CRED-Commitment, Responsibility, Efficiency & Discipline)

Work as a team and believe in the power of teamwork

  • Teamwork

Use the right language to communicate & willing to accept other's opinions

  • Communication (Open minded)

'' Capital isn’t so important in business. Experience isn’t so important. What’s important is ideas. If you have an idea, WE build your needs. There isn’t any limit to what you can do with Blacksire. ''
Our Company

We make use of pragmatic methods and statistical approach to ensure customizable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services provided to the way you conduct business. Our team of experts from diverse professional background is well-versed in different industry and field to tailored all you need and wants!

Our Partners and Clients
Operating Hours

Mon - Fri : 10am - 7pm

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