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Blacksire's Logo

To continuously groom our employees into future leaders 

Through The Spirit Of Lifelong Learning And Empowerment
Blacksire's Office

We Influence, We Inspire.

Blacksire, as a learning organisation, we transform together with our people though growth mindset cultivation, skillsets enhancement and toolsets provision.

Grow with Blacksire

The Blacksire Academy is a testament to our pledge to achieve continuous personal and professional growth together as an organization, through the spirit of lifelong learning and empowerment. Our sole purpose? To see every employee maximize their potential, laying solid groundwork towards the path of becoming future leaders.

Blacksire is proud to step into our role—through the Blacksire Academy—to provide employees with upskilling training, development programs and refresher courses relevant to everyone's area of work and skills. We invite you, our most valuable employees, to embark on this journey.

We welcome You!

New Joiner Orientation

We are excited to welcome you to our team at Blacksire; hence, we are committed to providing the best landing pad for your start here through a rigorous and informative physical orientation. Let us walk you through the path we tread at Blacksire and teach you the ropes on how to become the best version of yourself professionally. Our team of experienced and warm Blacksians is ever ready to ensure you have the best head start with your time at Blacksire.

The orientation is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the company and its operations, help Blacks feel more comfortable and confident in their new positions, and foster a sense of connection and engagement with us.


In your fresh start with Blacksire, you are never alone.

New beginnings are both a point of uncertainty and opportunity, that is why we at Blacksire believe in the importance of mentorship and guidance during the training and onboarding phase of new hire employees.

The Master Lead Apprentice Program (MLAP) aims to empower new promising Blacksians with the backing of an experienced and inspiring mentor to sharpen their skillset and hone their minds to become their best selves at Blacksire.

We designed the comprehensive MLAP Program - pairing masters (exceptional and inspiring leaders) with apprentices (new employees qualifying for coaching programs).

The aim of the MLAP Program is not merely to ensure a smooth transition and orientation process; MLAP also establishes ongoing familiarization and the setting up of contact points—individuals and team members who apprentices could turn to for guidance, inspiration, and knowledge. Masters add the personal touch to a professional process, focusing on identifying and maximizing an apprentice's potential and promoting team camaraderie.

Leadership Program

Leaders are not born; they are made. Through dedication, rewarding hard work, and realizing talents, Blacksire pledges to nurture and build leaders among our employees through the Blacksire Leadership Program. This holistic and comprehensive combination of theoretical and practical training shapes both the attitude and relevant skills needed for an already proactive employee to take that leap into becoming a leader.

The leadership program is designed for all potential Blacksians at different stages and aims to maximize the chances of success as a leader through a specific growth and development journey, starting from Be Better, Be the Influencer, and Be the Inspirer, to drive and make a great impact in Blacksire.

individual leadership program

Fostering self-awareness and increase mastery of personal strengths & weaknesses to improve an employee's performance and productivity. The program aims to enhance individual skills, foster career growth, and increase job satisfaction. In addition, it also seeks to provide the ability to lead and manage oneself in becoming a highly effective person.


Your Success is Our Success.Blacksire's Trophy

Blacksire is committed to creating an environment that is not just productive and creative but also emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and rewarding our employees who have shown exceptional levels of dedication and proactivity. Through the prestigious Blacksire Awards, we enhance collaboration and the spirit of gratitude between and among our teams of creative individuals. We reward a variety of different awards recognizing different facets of work, including team collaboration, leadership, creativity, loyalty, and productivity.